Monday, 21 November 2011

Networking for Job Seekers

As the old adage goes "it is who you know" not "what you know" that gets you the job -- is partially true.  You still need to demonstrate how you add value to the company by providing examples of how you can save them money or make a profit.  It is important to know people as they are the gatekeepers that help you get into the door.  One way to find these gatekeepers is through networking.  Below are some opportunities for you to network:   in person, over the phone and using social media/web.

Social Media 101

  • Start joining groups on social media such as Twitter, Linked-in but ensure the groups are related to your profession.
    • Add professional content and provide interesting links or articles.  It demonstrates that you are staying current and are a subject matter expert.
    • Do not post that you are at Starbucks waiting for your tall coffee--leave this trivia to celebrities.


  • Go to networking events for job seekers such as:  Happen, Eng (for HR), Earn,, even your association may have events.
    • If there is none available in your area consider creating one and add the meeting on and make the location neutral such as a coffee shop.
  • Attend career fairs in-person and on-line even if it is not geared towards your profession.  It will keep your interviewing skills sharp and you never know who you will encounter at these events.

Pay it Forward
  • Volunteer with your association; you have time and it will show you believe in the philosophy of giving "paying it forward" by giving to others.   [great movie]
  • The HRPA has networking events for those who are in transition.

Keeping skills fresh

  • Join Toastmasters as the presentation and leadership skills helps you practice and improves your confidence and self-esteem.
    • The great thing is that you can attend for free.
    • There is no obligation to join but I highly recommend joining a group that resonates with you.

Good luck on your job search!  Please add any networking places in the comments section below.

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